San Francisco State University
(Current - Assist Prof)

  • DES 200 Visual Design Literacy
    Formerly known as DES 323. Foundational concepts of bidimensional and tridimensional composition, including visual grammar elements, perception and gestalt principles, color models and spaces, graphic formats, dimensions visual literacy, sign, and visual argument.
  • DES 277. Exploration in: Meaning and Discourse through Design
    Foundations of semiotics, multimodality, and rhetoric applied to the analysis and production of bidimensional compositions.
    Curricular Contribution to BSc in Visual Communication Design. Spring 2023.
  • DES 300 Design Process
    Exploration of theory, methods, and approaches to justification, ideation, prototyping, evaluation, and communication of tangible and intangible artifacts.
  • DES 327 Interaction Design I
    Foundational concepts and methods of interaction design, interface design, and user experience design.
  • DES 505 Senior Design Project
    Application of design process and competency to a student-initiated project focused on addressing a particular social, cultural, or disciplinary concern.

University of Michigan
(Past - Assist Prof)

  • ARTDES 115 Studio 2D
  • ARTDES 130 Methods of Inquiry
  • ARTDES 211 Sign and Symbol
  • ARTDES 333 Information Design
  • ARTDES 400 Delightful Design
    Curricular Contribution to BFA/BA in Art and Design

Indiana University
(Past - Assoc Instr)

  • INFO-I 300 Human-Computer Interaction/Interaction Design
  • INFO-I 400 Special Topics in Informatics: Visual Design for User Experience
    Curricular Contribution to BSc in Informatics
  • INFO-I 694 Thesis/Capstone Project in Human-Computer Interaction.
    Teaching Assistant

Universidad de las Américas Puebla
(Past - Lecturer)

  • Electronic Image
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Human-Computer Interaction
    Teaching Assistant

Universidad Iberoamericana Campus Puebla
(Past - Lecturer)

  • Computational Paradigm
  • Introduction to Communication and New Technologies
  • Information Design
  • Hypermedia Design
  • Human-Computer Interaction

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